Destiny and John Constantin at A Night to Inspire Party hosted by Gratwick's Productions.

The creators behind the story.

Father & Daughter: Destiny and John Constantin

 For those who don't know my father and I and/or who want to know about the  journeys we take every day, and how we became authors together. Hello everyone, my name is Destiny Constantin, I am 24 years old and I  am a graduate student, baker, and an author of Western New York. When I  was 18 years old, my life turned upside down when I learned that my  bone disease is progressing, and I am losing mobility. My greatest fear  became a reality. I lost my faith, and who I was, and had to rediscover  myself. Thanks to the love and support from my father, he knew how to  make me see that I can still accomplish my dreams, and become an  inspiration to others. Reentering college is how our writing journey  began. My father, John Constantin put his career on hold to take care of  me, and even register for college with me so I could go to school. My  father was writing an essay for his English class, and started with  these words, "Two lone wolves setting out." With having a background in  education, and studying children's literature, I knew how to turn those  few words into an unbelievable story for kids of all ages to read. My  father and I combined our thoughts, ideas, and words to create a  masterpiece that we are both proud of, and hope that families across the  world will enjoy.


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