Destiny's first interview regarding her new book I'm No Ordinary Girl.

Destiny's New Book


Important Announcement

Dear Readers, 

I'm so sorry to write this, but my young adult  novel, "I'm No Ordinary Girl" will be no longer available for purchase  after this week. For those who read my novel, I hope you enjoyed it. I have decided to take it off sale because I am doing a complete rewrite. Don't worry the re-release will be better than ever and coming out as  soon as I can finish writing and editing the novel. 

Thank you for your support!  

~Destiny Constantin


Book Summary


I’m No Ordinary Girl is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Samantha Taylor. She may look like a normal teenage girl, but she doesn’t feel like one due to her rare bone disease and the terrifying dreams she has been having. When she sleeps, she sees a girl who is in the hospital and looks pale as a ghost with tubes coming out of her limbs.

Samantha and her parents must move to Center City Charlotte, so Samantha can get the medical care she needs. There Samantha learns that the woman who haunts her dreams is the mayor of the city. She also discovers a family secret: magical abilities run in her family. Samantha must fight the forces of evil to save herself and the world in which she lives.