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The Journey with Dad


 On a warm, rainy day in August, Jasmine wanted to  take a journey with her Dad. Jasmine, and her Dad travel through a  rainstorm, and end up in an eerie and mystical town. Will Jasmine and  her Dad make it back home? 

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Our Youtube Video gives an inside scoop about our first book. 


The Journey with Dad 2


 Jasmine has gone through a drastic life change. All  she wants to do is go for a car ride with her family. Jasmine’s parents  want to cheer their daughter up by taking her to the pumpkin farm. Mom,  Dad, and Jasmine are traveling to the pumpkin farm, but they end up  back in Crazy Town. Who’s ready for another journey?

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Book Trailer 2


Our Youtube Video gives an inside scoop about our second book


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My father and I have been lucky to share our story with our local news staff. Please click the link below to read our story. 

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